Beginning of our Exhibitor List


Synergy by Shira Adler ™—the ComPASSIONate Care Co.

Rising Lotus Wings - Find Your Wings and Rise

BEMER - “Help Your Body Heal Itself...The 8-Minute Miracle!”     

DAFNI Greek Gourmet - Handcrafted Greek Olive Oil, Olives, Handpicked Herbs and Medicinal Teas    

Natural Awakenings  Feel good, Live simply, Laugh more. 

Soulfully Sweet Scents  -  Awaken Your Soul With Aromatherapy      

Westchester Holistic Network -- An Alliance of Spiritual Beings on a Human Journey    

Sacred  Westchester’s Newest Space for Meditation, Movement and Healing

The Third Eye Studio - Healing Intuitive Paintings and Giclee Prints by N. Gordon-Taylor

Hudson Valley Holistic LLC/Hudson Valley CBD – All Natural CBD Based Health Products     

 Marconics Ascension Energy - Experience the Evolution of Healing Energy    

Westchester Body & Brain, Yoga & Tai Chi -  Holistic Health for the Mind, Body and Spirit   

Life Energy Arts Gallery - Inspirational Artwork for Health and Healing   

LaMens Jewelry

     Christian Science Church, Tarrytown    

Beautiful Tibet - Tibetan, Indian and Nepalese Handmade Artifacts

Upper Cervical Chiropractic of NY

Two Eagles Healing - Handpicked Crystals and Stones

Crystal 2Lavender - An Online Boutique of Crystals, Lavender and 

Hand Crafted Jewelry

Share International - The Emergence of Maitreya, the World Teacher

The Health Stop - Customized DNA Nutrition, EMF Protection, FIR Tourmaline Products, CBD Edibles and Ormus

Marie Anne June Tagorda 

Kaplan Brain and Body: Functional Neurology & Functional Medicine

Fortune Crystals - Crystals, Rocks & Minerals, Semi-precious Jewelry 

& Metaphysical Products

The Oracle Healing LLC - Energizing Products for the Home, Body and Soul 

Dr. Somesh Kaushik- Institute for the Advancement of Ayurvedic Sciences

Aura-Soma - A System of Color, Plant and Crystal Energies that 

Enhance Happiness and Vitality

Groovy Chick Jewelry and Art: Inspired by Nature and Created with Love

SupHERBals Sacred CBD Oil - Don’t Just Live Life…Live Life SupHERBally!

Young Living Essential Oils - Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils 

for Home and Body-Care  

The Enchanted Heart and Bazaar Star Beadery 

Tea of Life, Inc. - Medicinal Herbal Tea and Supplements

Magnetude Jewelry - EMF Protection Genuine Gemstone & Crystal Jewelry 

HappyHead Hair LLC - Organic Hair: Protein Hair Is the Closest Thing to Human Hair

      My Skin Hamony An All Natural, Hand-made Skincare Company  

      Rock Collage Healing Gallery  Crystals, Minerals & Holistic Lifestyle Products      

Touch N Heal Sujok Ayurvedic Therapy and Therapeuatic Tools


Shira Adler  "Modern Alchemy: Combining Cannabinoids and Terpenes for todays Challenging World"

Nate Frederick, C.S. “Learn to Pray and Heal: A Spiritual Adventure”  

Bernadette Bloom “Energy Medicine for the 21 Century “       

Speaker  Nate Frederick    

 Dr. Hal Blatman "PRP + Peptides + Stem Cells" 

Kirtan with Jane “Sing till your Heart Dances with Joy!”

Mala Bhansingh “Getting your Money Handled: 

3 Secrets to Creating and Keeping More” 

     Ann Finneran for Share International "Transmission Meditation A World Service"    

     Brett Hawes, CNP, CFMP "Nourish Your Genes with Diet, Lifestyle and DNA-based   Supplementation"     

Lynn Rene MacDonald "Master Soul Transformation Energy Workshop" 

Marie Anne Tagorda - Author of the Amazon bestseller, 

"Taking Back My Health and Happiness"

Jennifer Peterson “How to Find Your Authentic Voice Through the Wisdom of Horses” 

Dr. Taronté Venable, DC  "Unleash the Brain’s Potential to Reduce Stress" 

Speaker Dr. Somesh Kaushik

Terry Shaw "Using The Power of ABCs: A Guide on Unlocking Your Inner Ceiba: 

The Maya Cosmic Tree"

Ilene Reichman "Vanquishing Stress: Tools to Enhance Your Health, 

Personal Growth & Transform Your Life!"

Grisella Ramos -Santiago, LCSW, PC  “Unlock Your Akashic Record”

Peter Muir "Music Healing 101: Using the Power of Music to Transform Well-Being"

      Danielle Campisi    


 Leedra of Alphalign Intuitive dowsing for insight and manifestation 

Athena Silver - Tarot & Mediumship Readings

Miledys Pons - Board Certified Holistic Heath Practitioner

Lindsey Sass - Medium, Clairvoyant, Healer; Connect with Departed Loved Ones

David Bernstein - Angel Card Reader, Tarot, Family Psychic, Clairvoyant

Susan G. Chamberlain, PhD - Intuitive, Oracle Cards, Angelic Life Coach

Suey Mendez - Clairaudient Tarot Reader and Akashic Record Advisor

Rev. Dr. Christine Villani - Medium and Psychic

Stephanie Unger - Intuitive and Angel Tarot Reader

Lynn Rene MacDonald - Intuitive Reader, Empath, Medium and Medical Intuitive

Psychic Readings by Sandra

Theresa DeBonis – Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience

Elka Boren - Unity Angel Healing

Esther Kinderlerer

Nicole Nolan

Sharon Andrea - Spiritual Empathic Medium, Twin Flame/Past Life Regression/

Life Path Reader

 Michelle B. Whitney - Psychic Intuitive Card Readings and Dream Interpretation 

            Patti Kitson - Intuitive Tarot Card Reader       

Sherrill Zucker - Psychic, Mediumship and Past Life Readings

Cynthia Farina- Intuitive Life Guide & Oracle Reader

     Leon Itskov - Evolutionary Astrology    



Miledys Pons - Reiki Healer

Neelam Sethi - Ayurvedic Acupressure Therapy 

Nicole Hoeffner - Reiki Master/Energy healer 

Diane Pratt - Intuitive Reiki Master

Anne Benzen - Energy Healer and Reiki Master Teacher

David Varghese - Pranic Real Living: Healing from Within 

Dawn Marie Lannon - Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Karuna Reiki® 

Reiki Qigong Fusion by Jessica and Ian Gelman

Awilda Alvarez of Believe in Your Wings - Usui/Holy Fire Reiki 

  Michelle Waldorf of Purposeful Guidance Healing- Reiki and Chakra Balance

Tania Da Costa Reiki Master, Thrive Practitioner, Intuitive Life Coach

Victor Hamsa Certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher