Tarrytown April 19 Exhibitors


The Third Eye Studio - Healing Intuitive Paintings and Giclee Prints by N.Gordon-Taylor    

Media Sponsor: Natural Awakenings Magazine

Shilamida Kupershteyn Vendor

Karen Cigna Vendor

Mala Bhansingh - CPA & Money/Finance Coach  

Rock Collage Healing Gallery - High Quality Crystals, Minerals & Holistic Lifestyle Products  

Dragons Den Crystals & Stones   

Ultimate Wellness & Health with BEMER - Life is Better with a Bemer in it!   

Two Eagles Healing - Handpicked Crystals and Stones   

Tea of Life, Inc. - Medicinal Herbal Tea and Supplements   

Luis Hernandez  

Crystal2Lavender - An Online Boutique of Crystals, Lavender and Hand Crafted Jewelry  

Dr. Kaushik’s Ayurvedic & Naturopathic Clinic/Institute 

Marconics Ascension Energy - Experience the Evolution of Healing Energy   

Young Living Essential Oils - Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils for Home and Body-Care   

Yoga Assist by Nancy McLoughlin - Improve Muscular-Skeletal Function. Reduce Pain.  

Fortune Crystals - Rocks & Minerals, Semi-Precious Jewelry & Metaphysical Products   

LaMens - Online Handmade Jewelry Boutique 

Hudson Valley Holistic LLC/Hudson Valley CBD – All Natural CBD Based Health Products  

Grisella Ramos-Santiago, LCSW, PC - Unlock Your Akashic Record   

FullStack - Premium Quality. Full Spectrum. USA Hemp Oil 

The Enchanted Heart and Bazaar Star Beadery - Aura Soma   

James Weaver   

Miani Carnevale - Inspired Alchemist & Bead Whisperer  

Share International

The Oracle Healing LLC - Energizing Products for the Home, Body and Soul 

Viola’s  Tribe Candle and Cosmetics llc- 100% soy candle hand poured with love   

Crystals in  Copper - High Quality Handmade Jewelry    

Westchester Body & Brain, Yoga & Tai Chi -  Holistic Health and Wellness for the Mind, Body and Spirit        


Speaker Karen Cigna

Speaker Shilamida Kupershteyn

David Bernstein “Meditation and You, Awakening your Sub-conscious Mind”     

Avilone Bailey, Emotional Relief Catalyst “Power Up Your Intuition”  

Dr. Somesh Kaushik “Intro to Ayurvedic Medicine: For You and Others”   

D Natalie Ludewig "What Drives Your Chronic Pain/Health Issues & the Transformation Possible with Hypnotherapy"   

Dr. Michael Wald “Detox and Fasting – Truth and Myths”    

Dr. Michael Wald “Hormones and Inflammation - How to Drop Weight, Gain Lean Muscle and Heal”    

Dr. Michael Wald “Detox and Fasting – Truth and Myths”    

Dr. Michael Wald “The Top 10 Health Assessment Test”   

Dr. Michael Wald “Immunity Immunity and More Immunity”   

Dr. Michael Wald “Everything Digestion”    


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Violette Porrazzo - Psychic Medium, Intuitive Card Reader

Sharon Andrea - Spiritual Empathic Medium, Twin Flame/Past Life   Regression/Life Path  Avilone Bailey - Intuitive, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Energy Healing   

David Bernstein - Certified Angel and Tarot Card Reader, Family Psychic, Clairvoyant    

Susan G. Chamberlain, PhD - Intuitive, Oracle Cards, Angelic Life Coach

Cynthia Farina - Intuitive Life Guide & Oracle Reader

Athena Silver - Tarot & Mediumship Readings   

Leon Itskov - Evolutionary Astrology   

Estelle - Tarot Card Reader   

Patti Kitson - Intuitive Tarot Card Reader 

Necessary Truths Nikki - Catholic Medium, Spirit Communicator & Psychic    

Lindsey Sass - Medium, Clairvoyant, Healer; Connect with Departed Loved Ones   

Rev. Dr. Christine Villani - Medium and Psychic   

Dr. Penni Waldman-Medical/Psychological Intuitive  Medium  

Psychic Sherrill Zucker - Psychic, Medium and Past Life Readings   

Palm Readings by Shannon 

Miledys Pons - Intuitive Afro-Latin Tarot Reader

Readings by Theresa - Psychic, Mediumship, Psychometry & Tarot Readings

The Little Sage 111 - Tarot & Oracle Card Readings, Psychic

Suey Mendez -  Clairaudient Tarot Reader & Akashic Record Advisor

Diane Sassano    

LexZion from Trinity’s Tarot- Tarot Card Readings   

Soniamarry  Duva 

Jen Kupcho   


Anne Benzen - Energy Healer and Reiki Master Teacher   

Nicole Hoeffner - Reiki Master/Angelic Energy Healer, Clairvoyant Guidance