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For April 28, 2018 Tarrytown Exhibitors

Our Expert Speakers

Speakers Schedule


10:15 Dr. Michael Wald   "Lyme Disease & Other Lies "   

11:00 Nitin Adsul   "Activating Kundalini"   

11:45 Neelam Sethi   “A Holistic Approach to Better Health”    

12:30 Dr. Michael Wald   "Persistent Health Problems – Healing Strategies Revealed!"   

1:15 Dr. Michael Wald   "The Top 10 Diseases & What to do about them Naturally"   

 2:00 Dr. Michael Wald   "The Cause & Cure of All Diseases"   

 2:45 Dr. Joshua Schulman   

"Achieving Self-Empowerment and Greater Presence with Higher Brain Living®"   

 3:30 Beatrice Weber 

"A Gentle Process to Healing from Harmful Religions: A Personal Story" 

4:15 Dr. Michael Wald   "Your Aging Body - How Old Are You Really?"           


10:15 Karen Cigna   “Self-Love, Your Body and Food.”   

11:00 Luz-Leida Diaz   “A Meditation to Help the World”   

11:45 Lynn Rene MacDonald   "Master Soul Transformation Energy Workshop"    

12:30 Asami Kondo & Antoinette Lampert   “Reclaim your Power!  Maximize Your Power and Ability to Operate in the World”   

1:15 Ilene Reichman   "Vanquishing Stress: Tools to Enhance Your Health,

 Personal Growth & Transform Your Life!"   

2:00 Marie Anne June Tagorda   “Taking Back My Health and Happiness -- 

Hope and Healing from Chronic Pain, Fatigue, and Invisible Illness”   

2:45 Shilamida Kupershteyn   “Say Yes to YOU”   

3:30 Loretto Lacayo M.A., LPC   “A Personal Story of Mental Health and Spirituality”   

4:15 Dr. Paul W. Dyer   "Bridging The Gap of Emotional Science" 


10:15 Robin Gensburg   

“Hypnosis/Guided Meditation - It is Time to Clear All that Clutter in Your Head”   

11:00 Shira Adler   

"The ABCs of CBD" Learn the history, alchemy, and how to check authenticity in CBD!   

11:45 Caryn Scotto d' Luzia   

"Harness Your Nervous System, Body & Hidden Guru for 

Greater InnerHarmony, Relief and Ease!"   

12:30 Jennifer Peterson   

“How to Find Your Authentic Voice Through the Wisdom of Horses”    

1:15 Susan De Robertis   "Money Manifesting Made Easy"   

2:00 Renee Li   

"Beyond Buddhism Blueprint: Reclaiming Personal Power and

Freedom from Culture and  Tradition"   

2:45 Mala Bhansingh, CPA & Money/Finance Coach 

"Getting your Money Handled: 3 Secrets to Creating and Keeping More"   

3:30 Dr. Taronté Venable, DC of Kaplan Brain and Body   

"Unleash the Brain’s Potential to Reduce Stress" 

4:15 Tippy Felzenstein   “Pleasurable Productivity: Self Discipline Is Everything"     

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What an amazing line up of Speakers and topics we have at this Awaken Fair!  possible the BEST line up EVER!  Personal growth, spiritual enlightenment,  stress management -- it goes on and on!

Plan your day at the April 28 Awaken FAir by choosing your Speakers first.  Then make your Reader/Healer appointment(s); click here.

Spend the rest of your time visiting our unique and amazing Vendors with a plethora of holistic, natural or technologically advanced offerings -- an outstanding day!

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Exhibitors List for April 28, 2019 Tarrytown Awaken Fair


Unique Vendors

Sonostics -  An Emerging Health and Wellness Company 

Isaac Rodriguez - Sidereal Astrologist

IV Advantage - IV Hydration Therapy that Restores Your Youth

Upper Cervical Chiropractic of NY - Dr. George Gertner 

SamiChakra - Premium Organic Spices​,​ Chocolate​ and Andean Superfoods

Fortune Crystals - Cleansed & Reiki Charged Crystals for Highest Good

One Spirit Learning Alliance - World-Leader in Interspiritual Education and Training

Hempworx - The PUREST CBD Oil

Natural Awakenings Westchester, Putnam & Dutchess Feel good, Live simply, Laugh more

Susan M. Chu -  Crystals for Your Health  

POVI Rockhound - Rocks, Fossils, Minerals, Gemstones, Pendants, Bracelets, Earrings

Taspen’s Organics - Handcrafted Organic Health and Wellness Products

Shira Synergy™ - the ComPASSIONate Care Co.

HappyHead Hair LLC - Organic Hair: protein hair is the closest thing to human hair  

Kaplan Brain and Body: Functional Neurology & Functional Medicine

Green Mountain Energy - Change the Way Power is Made

Mala Bhansingh, CPA and Money/Finance Coach

DAFNI Greek Gourmet - Handcrafted Greek Olive Oil, Olives, Herbs and Medicinal Teas

SupHERBals Sacred CBD Oil - Don’t Just Live Life…Live Life SupHERBally!

Julie Reed Art of Astrology

Westchester Holistic Network -- An Alliance of Spiritual Beings on a Human Journey

The Pro Se Guides - Intuitive Legal Services

Westchester Body & Brain, Yoga & Tai Chi -  Holistic Health for the Mind, Body and Spirit

Shira Synergy ™—the ComPASSIONate Care Co.

Lamens Jewelry Natural Crystal Handmade Healing Jewelry

Plantsweetness Essential Oils, Crystal & Stones

Shilamida Acupuncture & Wellness  - Spiritual Healing From the Inside, Out 

The Health Stop - EMF Protection, FIR Tourmaline Products, CBD Edibles and Ormus

Josh Provides Empowerment - Energizing the Mind with Higher Brain Living®

Stardust Blessings - Orgone Energy Technology & Metaphysical Tools Holistic Products

JJ Jewelry Designs - Beautiful, Spiritual, Handmade, Meaningful Jewelry

Amare Global -  Leading the Global Mental Wellness Revolution

Lamens Jewelry - Natural Crystal Handmade Healing Jewelry

Beautiful Tibet - Tibetan, Indian and Nepalese Handmade Artifacts   

Rock Collage Healing Gallery - High Quality Crystals, Minerals & Holistic  Products   

Two Eagles Healing Stones - Handpicked Crystals and Stones

BEMER - “Help Your Body Heal Itself...The 8-Minute Miracle!”   

The Third Eye Studio - Healing Intuitive Paintings and Giclee Prints by N. Gordon-Taylor   

Tea of Life, Inc. - Medicinal Herbal Tea and Supplements    

Crystal2Lavender - An Online Boutique of Crystals, Lavender and Hand Crafted Jewelry  

The Avatar Course - Learn Tools to Live Deliberately

Share International - The Emergence of Maitreya, the World Teacher  

Young Living Essential Oils - Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils for Home and Body-Care    

NaturalXtract - The Finest Purveyor of Cannabinoid-Rich Hemp Oils in the USA   

DoTerra -  Pure, Potent, High Quality Essential Oils and Wellness Products   

Magnetude Jewelry -  EMF protection genuine gemstone &  crystal jewelry  

Touch N Heal - Sujok Ayurvedic Therapy and Therapeuatic Tools   

My Skin Harmony - An All Natural, Hand-made Skincare Company

Hudson Valley Holistic, LLC/Hudson Valley CBD – All Natural CBD Based Health Products

Angela LaScala - Intuitive Reiki Master Teacher    

Lena Vladsky, Starguide – Intuitive Astrologer & Life Coach


Gifted Healers

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Matthew Schaffer & Rebecca Hart -  Usui Reiki Healing & Intuitive Angelic Frequencies 

Amy Dreibelbis & Tricia Psychas  - Reiki & Sound Healing 

ERA SunChild - LEI Light & Energy Transformation Healing 

Michelle Waldorf - Reiki Energy Therapy & Chakra Balancing    

Diane Pratt - Reiki Master and Wellness Coach

Debora Ingrasciotta - Reiki Master & Advanced Integrated Energy Healer    

Nitin Adsul - Activating and Healing with Your Own Kundalini   

Awilda Alvarez - Usui/Holy Fire Reiki  

Anne Benzen - Energy Healer and Reiki Master Teacher    

Kate Cannataro - Intuitive Energy Healer and Soul Coach   

Reiki Qigong Fusion - by Jessica and Ian Gelman   

Myra Oney - Health and Wellness Consuting Services  

Neelam Sethi - Indian Head Massage, Ayurvedic Reflexology, Aricular Ear Reflexology

David Varghese 

Intuitive Readers

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Nan Williams - Astrologer

Ms. Pureheart Rose - Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Medium, and Medical Intuitive

Psychic Readings by Sandra - Psychic Love Therapist Specializing in Love and Relationship

Lorna J. Hines - Psychic Medium 

Alaiye Ayemo - Tarot, Numerology & African Oracle Reader

Palm Readings By Shannon – Very Accurate Palm Readings From a Gregarious Person

Leon Itskov - Evolutionary Astrology

Suey Mendez - Intuitive Tarot Reader and Medium

Sharon Andrea - Spiritual Empathic Medium, Twin Flame/Divine Compliment/Soul Mate 

Derrick Little - Hand Reader Analysis    

Kathleen James - Spiritual Medium & Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner

Stephanie Unger - Intuitive and Angel Tarot Reader

Kat Symington - Oracle Card Reader Diviner 

David Bernstein - Angel Card Reader, Tarot, Family Psychic, Clairvoyant   

Susan G. Chamberlain - Mystic & Intuitive Healer   

Readings by Theresa - Psychic, Mediumship, Psychometry & Tarot Readings   

Nicole Feltovic - Intuitive Fairytale Oracle Reader and Journeyboard Readings   

Susan Keiffer - Wildflower Herbal Counseling and Holistic Iridology & Sclerology   

Autumn Lorraine - Intuitive Tarot, Clairvoyant and Empath 

Lynn Rene MacDonald - Intuitive Reader, Empath, Medium and Medical Intuitive   

Lindsay Mann - Akashic Records Consultant for Intuitive Energy Healing

Kristyn Neal - The Traveling Intuitive/Certified Psychic/Medium-Intuitive

Lindsey Sass - Medium, Clairvoyant, Healer; Connect with Departed Loved Ones   

Rev. Dr. Christine Villani - Medium and Psychic

Sherrill Zucker - Akashic, Mediumship and Past Life Readi