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Sunday July 28 from 10 am to 5 pm

Speakers in the Penthouse - 16th Floor

10:15   "PRP + Peptides + Stem Cells" Join Hal Blatman, MD, for coffee, tea, gifts and book signing, followed by a lecture, including Q & A at 10:30. A leading expert in myofascial pain, Dr. Blatman integrates peptides for weight loss, restoring brain function, increasing growth hormone safely and boosting healing post surgery. Platelet Rich Plasma + Peptides + Stem cells can restore sex drive and heal many sports injuries without surgery. Hal Blatman, MD, is a board certified practitioner of integrative and holistic medicine and designated A.B.I.H.M. for the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine and past-president of the American Holistic Medical Association.  212-920-1603

11:00 "Master Soul Transformation Energy Workshop" with Lynn Rene MacDonald. In this workshop you will have the opportunity to FREE yourself from sub-conscious and conscious habits, patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you. In this Master Energy Transformation Class you will discover how this works, as well as change you for the better. Get ready for a new and amazing YOU and your new and amazing LIFE. 757-816-3134   

11:45 “Brain Coach, Dr. Eric Kaplan, Answers All Your Questions about Memory Loss, Insomnia, Fatigue, Stress & Anxiety”  Getting older does not mean your memory and energy levels will start to decline. There are many ways to improve your memory, sleep better and have more energy even as you age.  During this talk, Dr. Kaplan will teach you about the most researched natural protocols that will keep your mind strong, help you lose weight, improve sleeping habits, reduce anxiety and increase energy. He will discuss adrenal fatigue, why people are stressed and how performing simple brain exercises can get someone out of the “fight or flight” mode and into “rest and digest.” 212-620-8121 

12:30 Linneth Hall

1:15 “Vanquishing Stress: Tools to Enhance Your Health, Personal Growth and Transform Your Life!”  Ilene Cohn Reichman, Esq., C.N.C., certified coach, speaker and trainer, attorney, author, nutritionist and advanced clearing practitioner, will share the simple steps to conquer stress and its negative effects, at home and in the workplace. This workshop is designed to keep you on the planet as long as possible, in the best of health, living up to your highest potential. 516-316-3987 

2:00 Stephanie Dick "Perception is Reality, but your Scale is Lying to You" The Weight Management - Holistic Health Coaching.  A practice that will enable you to become a master of habit change.  The individualized program that we develop will help you build healthy habits that not only align with your physical, but also your emotional and spiritual goals. This transformation will be the true difference between falling off the wagon again - and finally getting the results you want.

646-431-8921  FB: theweightmanagment

2:45 Jennifer Peterson “How to Find Your Authentic Voice through the Wisdom of Horses”  Not sure how to get unstuck? Jennifer shows you how horses unlock your potential and connect you to your best self in this powerful talk.  Jennifer successfully guides clients to their clarity, courage and confidence.  Jennifer is a life coach who specializes in Equus Coaching, which combines the benefits of personal coaching with the intuitive, healing power of horses.  Jennifer’s methods help clients powerfully transform their relationships, their careers and their lives by helping them find their authentic voices.  917-340-1328

3:30  “Awaken To These New Times” Star Blossem Goddess. Star is an intuitive who channels the Galactic Federation and other loving beings. She’ll be sharing a channeled message and give some insights to live life in state of peace and harmony. Also she will give an update on the new energies coming to Earth and how to balance them. Stop by her table to get an energy boost hug, a healing by Reiki Master and a one-card reading OR to pick up Star’s new book called Bio Of An Artist.  914 -686-5455 

4:15 “Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy QEST™ and Quantum Sound with Elizabeth Tomboulian”  Science has shown that everything is energy and there is no absence of energy connecting the web of life.  Learn how quantum healing bridges Eastern medicine with Western medicine, working with energy systems.  Locating disruptions in the etheric blueprint and directing them to clear, QEST™ catalyzes clearing of energy blocks from injuries, trauma and accidents, allowing re-patterning in wellness, free of pain and impediments. Freely build your new physical body from a clear blueprint. 201-679-5049


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Speakers in the Screening Room - Mezzanine

11:00 Nitin Adsul “Kundalini and Creativity”  Everything in the universe is energy and human body is no exception. Kundalini is that dormant creative force available within every human body.  In this talk and guided meditation by filmmaker/meditation guide Nitin Adsul, attendees will learn to channel Kundalini to manifest authentic creative self. These practices are very useful not only for actors, writers, directors or any artists, but to anyone to bring unique creative impression and achievement into their professional and in personal life.  


11:45 Valerie Lemme’s “7 Steps for Spiritual Weight Loss” won’t be found on 1.3 billion diet websites… or anywhere else on Earth for that matter! Want to end yo-yo dieting?  Want to take the struggle out of weight loss and put ease into keeping it off?  Then this is for you!  Take your power back!  Valerie dieted and ended up gaining all the weight back and then some, over and over again. That was her story for so long, she lost and gained 100's of pounds.  201-681-9240 

1:15 Meryl Tihanyi "World Change – A Spiritual Perspective"  What in the world is happening?  Alarming climate change, profit before people, endless wars.  Simultaneously, a hopeful movement grows: corruption is being brought to light, people are demanding justice, peace and a livable planet.  World Teacher Maitreya and his group are here now, inspiring Humanity.  They will revolutionize our understanding of life and teach us how to restore justice, sharing, brotherhood and peace for all. Come hear the truth about Maitreya the World Teacher and why this is a very special time to be alive. 


12:30 Dr. Somesh Kaushik   “Intro to Ayurvedic Medicine: For You and others” Chronic diseases are on the rise, affecting over 70 % of US adults.  Ayurvedic medicine has proven to be very helpful in treating chronic diseases. Dr. Kaushik will give an introduction to Ayurvedic Medicine, the importance, needs and the benefits. The Institute for the Advancement of Ayurvedic Sciences offers Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor and Ayurvedic Practitioner programs, which follow and exceed NAMA’s curriculum. Dr. Kaushik brings over 35 years of clinical experience to his students. He holds a degree in Ayurvedic Medicine from Kurukshetra University and also a Naturopathic physician. 646-670-6725/914-875-9088 

2:00 Marie Anne June L. Tagorda “Taking Back Your Health and Happiness: Hope and Healing from Chronic Pain, Fatigue, and Invisible Illness”  Discover the source of your chronic pain, fatigue and invisible illness…  Medicine and diets may not be enough in living your optimum best.  Start the process to becoming happy and free to enjoy your life.  Marie Anne is a critical care nurse, medical intuitive, energy healer and bestselling author, who will share her process for achieving self-healing and happiness.  Her passion is sharing humanity’s innate nature of connectedness – connection with our internal/external world, people and the natural earth.  917-740-8508  

2:45 "Foods for Better Vision" Dr. Benjamin Lane, Nutritional Optometrist.  What veggies, vite and minerals are good for your eyes?  Too much vitamin C?  Not enough B?  What are the best foods?  His eye opening Mantra, “Get Tested” for real improvement of eye problems for prevention and reversal of glaucoma, cataracts, floaters, dry eyes or macular degeneration. Children’s too long, too close tablet use may deform the optic disc in four to six year olds and cause the Blue Light hazard. Benjamin C. Lane FACN, MPH, FAAO is a pioneer of Ocular Nutrition.

3:30  Michele Marshall, CPC “Are You Okay Being You?” Saturated in expectations fueled by multiple forms of media, stereotypes, family standards, and generational traditions. It’s no surprise that the notion of being ourselves paralyzes us. This talk will be a discussion of the freedom found in self-authorized discovery of the person in the mirror.  Michele Marshall is a Certified Professional Coach driven by her mission to encourage people to be authentic to the life, dreams, and passions that burn in their soul. 516-669-0897

4:15 Dr. Marium Murad "The ‘ONE Exercise Workout’ of the ‘Movement is Blessed’© program" teaches natural exercises that use the body’s internal gym. An easy yet effective workout for corporate to community, busy and on the go.  Learn an all-natural wellness tool to use anytime, anyplace, and at your convenience. Dr. Marium Murad is featured in “America’s Leading Ladies,” a new book just released on, along with Oprah Winfrey and 50 women of distinction. 


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