January 26 Speakers

11:00 Ruby Room 1

 “Getting to Know You” with Karen Flaherty of Living by Human Design  
Who are you and what’s your u

 “Power Up Your Intuition” with Avilone Bailey, Emotional Relief Catalyst 

  Have you ever felt confused about what to do, which direction to take?  Your intuition is your inner guidance system--always there, ready to show you the way.  Steve Jobs was credited with saying that intuition is "more powerful than intellect.”  Let’s amp it up!  Avilone, a nurse for over 25 years with a Master’s degree and founder of her unique, no-touch energy healing modality, will show you how to connect, hear and trust your inner guidance.  Learn how to tap into the power of your intuition!

561-425-8805 avilone@avilonebailey.com  avilonebailey.com

11:45 RubyRoom 2


“Sacred Crystals: An introduction to inviting Crystal Allies into our Everyday Lives” Vero Bero. Crystals are beautiful sentient beings.  We are drawn to them, they make us feel amazing - that is why we brought them home in the first place - so we collect them. Sometimes we collect many of them and we have them all over our home.  But other than basking in their divine energy - what do we DO with them? Vero, owner of The Bodhi Tree Crystal shops - a once New York chain that relocated to sunny Florida - has many answers to that question and is here to share some of her favorites with The Awaken Fair Community. Vero Bero is the Owner of the Bodhi Tree Crystal Shops. 347-282-4248  Info@BodhiTreeLife.com  www.bodhitree.rocks

12:30 RubyRoom 1



 "My Baby Lady for a Better Birthing Experience" with Susan Barrett Finazzo  

Have a shorter, more comfortable labor, birth and postpartum experience when you hire a Baby Planner.  My Baby Lady, Inc. believes, that evidence-based education, preparation, and ongoing support, can significantly increase positive birth and postpartum outcomes. 

407-973-4620 susan@mybabylady.com  www.mybabylady.com 

1:00 Ruby Room 2


  “A Celebration of Life After Death” with Psychic Medium Joan Carra  

Joan will demonstrate after life communications at her speaker session.  She is also a reader of cards, numerology and spirit contact.  She is an acclaimed psychic for over 25 years. Her work is recognized in books, magazines and newspapers.  Joan taught at the NYC Edgar Cayce Center, the N.Y Life Expo, Sarasota Center of Light and the historic Lily Dale Assembly. She will be in Florida from January to mid-February  for private individual and group readings. 203-531-6387 psychicjoan@yahoo.com www.psychicjoancarra.net  FB: PsychicJoanCarra

1:15 Ruby Room 1


  “See Yourself in a new Light: Viewing the Human Biofield” with Dr. Greg N. Bartosiewicz / Absolute Wellness Spa 

What is the Biofield?  Why is it important?  How can we visualize it and use the information?  The Biofield forms the important energetic anatomic structures including the chakras and acupuncture meridians.  It has been called the “electromagnetic body” and “the atmosphere of the human body”.  How might emotions and other factors seat in the field and manifest in the body, affecting health and balance? How do we use it to track improvement at an energy level. FYI: the Biofield Viewer (BFV) system is NOT Kirlian, Thermography, or Aura photography…

561-254-7572 qimasterz@bellsouth.net absolutewellnessspa.com

2:00 Ruby Room 1


  “Design From Within” 

with Carrie Leskowitz 

Are you dissatisfied with any area in your home? Could there be messages in the mess that give you clues to how your home can heal you on a deeper level? When we think about mind, body, spirit, let’s not forget about or underestimate our space for overall well being. Join Carrie in discussing how limiting beliefs can mirror how we “show up” within and outside our home. Designing from within is where inner peace meets outer beauty. Then decorate accordingly! Carrie@carrieleskowitzinteriors.com carrieleskowitzinteriors.com


2:30 Ruby Room 2


"Getting to Know You” 

with Karen Flaherty of

Living by Human Design 

Who are you and what’s your unique Genius? We’re all unique – with unique gifts, talents, lessons and a life purpose. With Human Design, you can discover exactly what those pieces of your puzzle are in a way that’s empowering, interactive, gentle and reassuring. Everyone has a genius within them! You can find yours and how to work with it to enhance every aspect of your life by embracing all the delicious details of your Human Design chart. Karen@LivingbyHumanDesign.com https://livingbyhumandesign.com


3:15 Ruby Room 2


" How to Stay Healthy 

Without Your Doctor"

with Brandy Vaughn
Ever feel like the medical system is out for your money rather than your health?International speaker and author Brandy Vaughan brings her unique perspective to the Fair as she saw behind the scenes in doctor offices and hospitals as a pharmaceutical sales rep for Big Pharma.

Brandy also saw pharmaceutical corruption firsthand selling a drug called Vioxx that was literally killing people. That experience opened her eyes to the world’s most profitable industry that pushes pills and procedures for “health”, yet only profits when you’re sick.Brandy left the industry disturbed by what she saw and now dedicates her life to exposing the industry and helping people find real health in this over-medicalized world.
This is a not-to-miss talk could literally save your life.  BV@LearnTheRisk.org 


3:30 Ruby Room 1


"Awakening to the Power Within YOU" 

 with Lynn Rene MacDonald

This lecture will discuss how we as people do not fully embrace our power. We do not fully live our lives, our dreams, our greatest destiny. We live at the detriment of ourselves. We sacrifice our needs. Women especially in this society, have been conditioned to this. We will take a look at our lives and see where we can make the best changes. We will also give you the wisdom tools -- so everyone will walk away with everything they need to take their power back and live their greatest lives. 



lghtwrkrgrl@gmail.com  LynnReneMacDonald.com