Our Exhibitors


Brandy Vaughn Speaker "Getting Healthy Without Your Doctor"

Marianna Plum & Cynthia DeSiena - Medical Intuitive Energy Healing   

Jennifer Jakubek  - Hands on Healing with intuitive messages, energy balancing and aromatherapy 

Massage by Ashley  

Reiki Master Taby 

Susan Keiffer - Wildflower Herbal Counseling and Holistic Iridology & Sclerology   

Amelia - Tarot  & Oracle Card Readings   

Athena Silver - Tarot & Mediumship Readings   

Joan Carra - Psychic Medium   

Janet M. Reynolds/ The Blue Feather - Intuitive Counselor and Spirit Medium   

Avilone Bailey - Intuitive, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Energy Healing   

Bara -- Tarot Card Reader   

Nicole Feltovic - Intuitive Fairytale Oracle Reader and Journeyboard Readings   

Lynn Rene MacDonald - Intuitive Reader, Empath, Medium and Medical Intuitive  

Karin Maynard of Our Sacred Journey – Tarot & Crystal Readings 

Joan Carra “A Celebration of Life After Death”  

Avilone Bailey, Emotional Relief Catalyst “Power Up Your Intuition”  

Karen Flaherty  “Getting to Know You”   

Susan Finazzo "My Baby Lady for a Better Birthing Experience"  

"Design From Within" Carrie Leskowitz

Lynn Rene MacDonald "Awakening To The Power Within YOU"   

Crystal 2Lavender - An online boutique of crystals, lavender and hand crafted jewelr

Young Living Essential Oils,Tina Sadler - Journey to Wellness, Purpose and Abundance   Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast, FL - Healthy Living - Healthy Planet Magazine

Eckankar of Florida - The Path of Spiritual Freedom   

Living by Human Design - A new system of self-knowledge and self-awareness   

Ubuntu Fish Gallery - Spirituality and Creativity go Hand in Hand   

Cactus Design & Art - Beaded Jewelry, Mixed Media, Kumihimo, Bohemian   

Your CBD Store, Port St Lucie FL/ Alternative & Holistic Health Service   

Sexual Assault Assistance Program  - Be Believed Here     

The Bodhi Tree -  A wide variety of products including crystals, white sage and tibetan singing bowls

Robin Guieb  - Infinitely Natural-Body Healing Infusions

Traditional Chinese Healing and Integrative Medicine -   Combining the art of Chinese medicine with contemporary medical technology

Southern ComforHealthcare LLC  -  Medical Marijuana Clinic

Hattie Parker,  MS Ed,  Astro-Numerologist  - Aura Imaging and Bio Resonance Energetics 

Miracle Leaf Health Center of Port St. Lucie   

Voxx Life -   "The Neuro-pathway to Faster Wellness"    

Dr. Greg N. Bartosiewicz/Absolute Wellness Spa  “See Yourself in a new Light: Viewing the Human Biofield”  

Vero Bero -  “Sacred Crystals: An introduction to inviting Crystal Allies into our Everyday Lives”  

Virtue  Soap Company LLC - Natural,   high-quality alternatives to synthetic grooming products    

Brandy V- "How to stay healthy without your doctor"    

...awaken to your best self...

FLORIDA January 26, 2020


Join us when the Awaken Fair, New York's best-loved body, mind, spirit fair returns to Florida!  Again, we're at the Port St. Lucie Civic Center at the intersection of US Rte. 1 and Walton Road in Port St. Lucie on January 26 from 10 AM to 5 PM.

The AWAKEN WELLNESS FAIR continues to bring the holistic inspiration, education and information that has made it the NY favorite since 2002. All things healthy, natural, heart-centered, spiritually inspired and personally expanding are featured at the Awaken Fair. We help people awaken to their best selves! 

To get an overview, click here. And then take a look at the images from various Awaken Fairs. You may notice a couple of different environments, because we've grown in to a larger and larger space. And if you are thinking this is a Trade Show or Expo, it's NOT. It's a great big party where everyone is friendly and social -- lots of like-minded people coming together to share a day of mutual support, information and inspiration.

If you are interested in being an Exhibitor -- and that includes Speaker, Healer, Vendor or Reader -- click here. If you are thinking about being a guest at the Awaken Fair, you will love it! Plan your day around the Speakers. Check out the schedule as we get closer to January 26 and make of note of the times of the talks that are meaningful to YOU. The range of topics runs from very practical, down-to-earth (we've had spiritual financial advisors) to the esoteric (speaking to your loved one, including pets, who have passed over).

Next, make your Reader/Healer appointments. Our pre-booking web site https://awakenfair.fullslate.com/ will let you book your own appointment in advance and at a discount (what's better than that!) -- so you are sure of seeing who you want at the time you want. The Readers and Healers are listed on our web site with links to their own sites, so you can learn all about anyone you are interested in.

Finally cruise through our list of unique Vendors. The AWAKEN Fairs are where you find unusual, often hand-made, always natural and healthy, products. You'll find unique jewelry, often imbued with special intentions, or made from recycled "finds." Exceptional crystal vendors offer the largest selections of the finest stones and minerals. We have purest toiletries and soothing lotions, plus nutraceuticals, and supplements. You'll find holistic doctors, chiropractors, dentists, spas, learning centers and other wellness professionsals at the Awaken Fair!

Come see why we've been the best-loved holistic fair year after year! Exhibitors, click here.