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11:00 KARINEE LOPEZ of I Am A Wellness Warrior “The Body Talks...Are You Listening?”  Everyone carries an emotional baggage either passed down by ancestors, parents or childhood but what we are not aware of is that these “emotional baggages” can be the causes of many of our ailments in the present. During this workshop you will be introduced to a journey of self discovery, where you will be able to tune in and identify these “emotional baggage”, learn the important of self-love and work with your own body energy for self-healing through a guided meditation.  www.iamawellnesswarrior.net 

347-510-9814  kari@iamawellnesswarrior.net 

11:45 ANN FONFA of the Annie Appleseed Project “Natural Strategies to Reduce Cancer Risks”   Ann was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 1993 – she’s a 26 year survivor.  She was unable to take chemotherapy and yet found her way.  She used an array of natural protocols and substances.  She has since devoted herself to sharing the evidence around simple natural things that can help others get through conventional treatment more easily using complementary therapies, recover health after treatment or for those who  seek information about holistic approaches aka ‘alternative’ medicine. annieappleedpr@aol.com www.annieappleseedproject.org 


12:30 TESS TETRAULT,  Treasure Coast Medium "Exploring Your Soul through Past Life Regression"  Ever wondered about reincarnation or your soul's purpose? Have you had a feeling you've been somewhere before, like...Déjà Vu? Or have you met someone but felt you knew them already? These may be clues to a previous incarnation. Come experience a visit to a past life of your very own! Tess, the Treasure Coast Medium was trained by Dr. Brian Weiss, MD. She will guide the group on a unique journey as each soul discovers its destiny. Soul groups, soul mates, and soul patterns will also be discussed. tessthehealer@gmail.com  772-200-0016  www.Treasurecoastmedium.com

1:15 LORI SPAGNA “Your Dormant DNA and Star Code Markings”  Come and hear how to clear, heal and resolve your genetic make-up in your DNA, including EVERY illness and dis-ease, and why the dormant DNA are NOT junk but rather waiting to be activated and utilized. Learn about your Star Code Markings and Cellular Codes of Awakening, your Ancestors and Galactic Star Family lineage, the Sacred Key Codes in YOUR Dormant DNA and what lies beyond the first 12 strands of DNA: up to 444 potential strands of unawakened DNA, waiting to be activated.  www.LoriSpagna.com

2:00 PSYCHIC MEDIUM JOAN CARRA “A Celebration of Life After Death”  Do you long to talk to a loved one who passed away? Do you long for comfort and closure? Joan is a medium for over twenty years and is recognized in books, magazines and newspapers. Joan will demonstrates her ability by communicating with your friends, family and even pets, who have crossed over on the other side. Joan has taught at the NYC Edgar Cayce Center and the historic Lily Dale Assembly.   www.psychicjoancarra.net  203-531-6387  psychicjoan@yahoo.com 


11:00 LANA GELB  of Good Vibes Consultants “Awaken Your Brain for Optimal Health!” Experiencing brain fog, memory loss and more? Learn about the cutting-edge science of Neuroplasticity and experience first-hand how you can improve your cognition in simple, effective ways. Dementia is not only largely preventable, but the brain has the amazing capacity to wake up, change and improve at any age! Learn about the 5 functions of the brain in a fun way, through great music. Your body, spirit and emotions will thank you and will leave wanting more!   305 467-6486  lanagelb@gmail.com www.goodvibesconsultants.com 

11:45 KATHI ALLEN, CEO AND FOUNDER BALANCED BIO What to Look for in a Great CBD Oil Product”  Balanced Bio is a local manufacturer of certified organic, pharmaceutical grade CBD oil products. As one of the #1 providers of CBD Oil products to doctors and pharmacies in the state of Florida, Balanced Bio prides itself on utilizing the newest technologies and formulation practices to ensure that they stay at the cutting edge of this developing industry. From CBD oil tinctures, pain relief balms, massage products and an extraordinary new CBD skin care line, Balanced Bio offers the most potent, highest quality products on the market today. Stop by for a free sample and experience the difference yourself! 727-485-4266  info@balancedbio.com  www.balancedbio.com

12:30 KAREN FLAHERTY “Getting to Know YOU”  Who are you and what’s your unique Genius?  We’re all unique – with unique gifts, talents, lessons and a life purpose. With Human Design, you can discover exactly what those pieces of your puzzle are in a way that’s empowering, interactive, gentle and reassuring. Everyone has a genius within them! You can find yours and how to work with it to enhance every aspect of your life by embracing all the delicious details of your Human Design chart. 

Karen@LivingbyHumanDesign.com LivingbyHumanDesign.com  386-693-4263 

1:15 VALERIE RICHARDS, LMHC, CST, EdS  “Sex Therapy Tips to Improve Your Relationship”  Valerie is a local Sex Therapist, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and the owner of Vivas Counseling Services, LLC. Valerie will be presenting on what a sex therapist is and what happens in a sex therapy session.  She will explain when seeing a sex therapist might be helpful and will discuss some tips/tools that are utilized in sex therapy to help individuals and couples improve their sexual relationships and experiences to work towards improved Sexual Wellness.  Valerie will address how anxiety plays a role in many of the sexual challenges that we face.   www.vivascounseling.com 772-932-8482 vivascounseling@gmail.com 

2:00 CELINA PIZARRO – “Transforming Health into Wealth”  In this transformational mind-body-spirit workshop we will discuss 3 environments in which we live and the 3 steps to maximize health and turn it into wealth. We will work through each of the environments and the steps to demonstrate the how the formula Health = Wealth can include YOU. Based on the system in best selling book, "You GLOW Girl!" and 7 of the Universal Law is the equation, Health = Wealth.  The system works regardless of who you think you are today and does NOT depend on your race, age, financial situation, activity level or gender.  celina@cpfitpro.com  561-502-1922 www.cpfitpro.com

2:45 JAMIE ROLLINS “Understanding the Importance of CBD!” Come learn more about CBD from a Registered Cannabis Nurse! What is CBD, why do we need it and how does it work in the body.  Come learn about our Endocannabinoid system and how CBD directly effects the balancing of all of our body’s systems.  Learn how CBD can help with pain associated with inflammation, feelings of anxiety and depression, sleeplessness and so much more.  Natural, legal, plant based wellness for everyone!  jamie@cannabinursenetwork.com  561-377-0220   www.cannabinursenetwork.com 

My Baby Lady, Inc.

Health Extensions Weight Loss and Wellness Center 

Scented Dragon Metaphysical Gift Shop - Your Journey Begins Here

Balanced Bio  Serious CBD Science

Cynthia DeSiena, RN & Marianna Plum, RN - Medical Intuitive Energy Healing

Rev. Jayadevi - Angel Card Readings

Adriana - Love Street Astrology Reader

Natalie - Love Street Astrology Reader

Speaker Kathi Allen, CEO and Founder Balanced Bio “What to Look for in a Great CBD Oil Product”

Tina - Love Street Astrology Reader

Speaker Tess Tetrault "Exploring Your Soul Through Past Life Regression"  

Young Living Essential Oils - Live a Life of Wellness, Purpose and Abundance

Speaker Valerie Richards, LMHC, CST, EdS  “Sex Therapy Tips to Improve Your Relationship" 

Superior Water Treatment of Florida - The EcoLogical Choice

Speaker Karinee Lopez  “The Body Talks...Are You Listening?”

CannabiNurse Network - Quality CBD Products & FL Medical Cannabis Program Guidance

Treasure Coast Medium -  Sharing Information about Past Life Regression, Reiki, Theta

Cactus Design Art with Susan Estrella

Judy Camblor Reiki & Crystal Energy Healer - Healing for the Body, Mind & Soul

Valerie Richards, LMHC, CST - Sexual Wellness Coaching:  Improve Your Sex Life

Modesto Bravo - Reiki, Healing Touch, Acupressure, Reflexology and Jin Shin Jyutsu

Nicole Feltovic - Intuitive Fairytale Oracle Reader and Journeyboard Readings

Elizabeth Connell/BHereNow Mind & Body Works - Massage Is a Gift to Ourselves

Greenbyblue - Natural Organic Personal Care Products Handmade

Pure Haven by Jill Hadden. Fresh. Safe. Toxin-free Home Cleaning and Personal Care Products   

Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast - Free Quality Natural Living Publication     

Jennifer Maskol - Reiki Master, Empowerment Reiki, Guided Meditation

Golden Heart Healer Erin - Reiki Healing and Guidance on Your Life Path 

Massage Therapy by Ashley

Spirit Radical (Brandon & Christine) - Intuitive Readings, Angel Cards, Channel

Ann Marie Skordy - Channel and Healer of the Angelic Realms

Joan Carra - Psychic Medium

Janet M. Reynolds/ The Blue Feather - Intuitive Counselor and Spirit Medium

Susan Keiffer - Wildflower Herbal Counseling and Holistic Iridology & Sclerology

Speaker Karen Flaherty “Getting to Know YOU” 

Speaker Joan Carra “A Celebration of Life After Death”

Speaker Celina Pizarro “Transforming Health into Wealth”

Speaker Lori Spagna "Your Dormant DNA & Star Code Markings"

Speaker Jamie Rollins “Understanding the Importance of CBD!”

Ann Fonfa of the Annie Appleseed Project “Natural Strategies to Reduce Cancer Risks”

BEMER - Help Your Body Heal Itself...The 8-Minute Miracle!

Lotus Market - Bohemian Spirit Lifestyle Shop

Eckankar - The Path of Spiritual Freedom

Living by Human Design - Embrace Your Design, Discover Your Genius

The Path of Avatar®Your Source to Higher Awareness

Oliver's Harvest by Coast to Coast Natural - For People Dedicated to Holistic Health

Sasha Skyy - Author of "Escape the Ordinary" & Creative Healer

Arte Etra Health Coach - Restore Your Body to Natural Rhythm & Health

Faye Zolofra - Full Spectrum Hemp Oil by Zilis

Wild Blue Aura Photography 

Untamed Hearts - Beautiful & Meaningful Objects Injected Unconditional Love & Protection

Crystal2Lavender - Specializing in Gemstones, Crystals, Hand Crafted Jewelry

Herbs & Owls Flower Essence Jewelry - A Synergy of Flowers & Intention

Traditional Chinese Healing & Integrative Medicine/Stuart S. Shipe, D.O.M., P.A.

Annie Appleseed Project - Advocacy to Cancer Patients on Alternative Therapies



SUNDAY JANUARY 27, 2019 from 10 AM to 5 PM


Join us when the Awaken Fair, New York's best-loved body, mind, spirit fair debuts in FLORIDA!  We're at the Port St. Lucie Civic Center on U.S. Rte. 1 at Walton Road in Port St. Lucie FL 34952.


The AWAKEN WELLNESS FAIR brings to Florida the same holistic inspiration, education and information that has made it the NY favorite for the past 17 years.  All things healthy, natural, heart-centered, spiritually inspired and personally expanding are featured at the Awaken Fair.  We help people awaken to their best selves!  

To get an overview, click here.  And then take a look at the photos from various Awaken Fairs.  You may notice a couple of different environments, because we've grown in to a larger and larger space in NY.  And if you are thinking this is a Trade Show or Expo, it's NOT.  It's a great big party where everyone is friendly and social -- lots of like-minded people coming together to share a day of mutual support, information and inspiration.

Our location in Florida is the Port St. Lucie Civic Center, right off US 1, a lovely facility with tons of easy parking, a beautiful veranda just for strolling, a big ballroom for the main event and well-appointed, private Speakers' Rooms just outside the Ballroom.  An onsite snack bar makes it easy to stay for hours and hours...

If you are interested in being an Exhibitor -- and that includes Speaker, Healer, Vendor or Reader -- click here.  If you are thinking about being a Guest at the Awaken Fair, you will love it!  Plan your day around the Speakers.  Check out the schedule as we get closer to January 27 and make of note of the times of the talks that are meaningful to YOU.  The range of topics runs from very practical, down-to-earth (we've had spiritual financial advisors) to the esoteric (speaking to your loved one, including pets, who have passed over).

Next, make your Reader/Healer appointments.  Our pre-booking web site lets you book your own appointment in advance and at a discount  (what's better than that!) -- so you are sure of seeing who you want at the time you want.  The Readers and Healers are listed on our web site with links to their own sites, so you can learn all about anyone you are interested in.

Finally cruise through our list of unique Vendors.  The AWAKEN Fairs are where you find unusual, often hand-made, always natural and healthy, products.  You'll find unique jewelry, often imbued with special intentions, or made from recycled "finds."  Exceptional crystal vendors offer the largest selections of the finest stones and minerals.  We have purest toiletries and soothing lotions, plus nutraceuticals, and supplements.  Holistic doctors, chiropractors, dentists, spas, learning centers are all with us!

Come see why we've been the best-loved holistic fair year after year!    Exhibitors, click here.